Lotto / Lottery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Below are a few frequently asked questions pertaining to lotto or lottery. Browse throught the Lotto / Lottery FAQ's and if you have an alternate question about the lotto / lottery process please feel free to contact us (Magic Lotto).

Will I be paid if I win the Lotto / Lottery?

Yes, your lotto / lottery payout is guaranteed! MagicLotto has a vested interest in paying our members should they have the winning lotto numbers. Our company is built on repeat business without which we would not succeed. Since inception in 2007, we have maintained a 100% payout record to our lotto winners / lottery winners.

What can I do with my lottery winnings?

All lotto / lottery winnings are automatically loaded onto your online account. You are able to replenish, withdraw.

Another option that is available to you is to convert your lotto winnings to Play Credits, which can be used to play any of the lotteries on offer.

If you would like to withdraw your winnings simply click on the WITHDRAW button.

What are the costs per game for the various lotteries?

South African National Lottery R5.00 per game line (R2.5 for LottoPlus)
South African PowerBall Lottery R5.00 per game line (R2.5 for Plus)
UK Millions Lottery £3.50 per game line
Euro Millions Lottery £3.50 per game line

What are MagicLotto refund & cancellation policies?

Payment: Payment details must be submitted before MagicLotto will purchase your order. Major credit cards are accepted or you can EFT payment to us. If you wish to pay using another method, please email us on

Despatch: The lottery draw you are entered into is chosen by yourself on the PLAY page of this website. You can play on a future, specified date on the PLAY page if required. We cannot supply tickets for the draw after close-off, which is set a substantial time prior to the official cut-off time to allow our ticket purchases to be completed by our staff in each location. By default, the website automatically displays the next available draw date after close-off time. You will immediately be sent your "confirmation of entry" by email and MagicLotto will not be liable for losses incurred by lack of performance by players' internet service providers.

Owing to the fact that ticket purchases are queued in batches, and printed within an hour of purchase, we can no longer allow refunds on tickets for the next available draws. The only potential refunds or order alterations we can allow would be in the event of a span, for which the entry is not yet active. In this event, the entry will not have been purchased, and can therefore be amended.

MagicLotto reserves the right to undertake such alterations at their discretion, and will not be held responsible for errors in altered/modified entries.

Cancellations: If you are entirely dissatisfied with the service you have received, we will consider a refund of your purchase, as long as your reason is valid. MagicLotto reserves the right to undertake such refund at their discretion. To apply for a refund email us on

What are the MagicLotto Terms & Conditions

All of our Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking here.

What happens to my Lotto / Lottery entry?

The life-cycle of an entry begins with the submission of your playslip at a UK/US/European retailer. It is then entered directly into an official Lottery terminal. Your numbers are then transmitted via the communications network to the central computer system. Your numbers are printed out on the retailer terminal and the entry ticket given to the MagicLotto representative. It is then taken to the secure MagicLotto office and locked in a safe until after the relevant draw. A confirmation of the purchase will be emailed to you prior to the draw. If a player is a winner, a claim will be made on their behalf and they will be paid out accordingly.

Why do we charge more than the actual ticket price?

We charge a premium to purchase your lottery ticket. Here's why:
  1. The entries from all around the world have to be added to a database and securely managed.
  2. In the event of a win (you winning the lotto) our subscribers are automatically informed by email or telephonically, regardless of their whereabouts. Telephone notification is only made for winnings equivalent to or in excess of GBP200.
  3. Our team have to manage the accuracy of worldwide entries and contact our players to guide them through the entry process if required.
  4. Our team in the all locations in which we provide services have to line up and physically buy the lotto tickets / lottery tickets.
  5. We employ a large staff complement to ensure that the process runs smoothly and that service levels are both maintained and improved upon.
  6. For our web-based clients, our websites, are maintained and updated continually.
  7. We are a private enterprise providing a premium interactive service and have allowed for a reasonable profit within our price structure.

How do I play the lotto or lottery?

Please view - How do I play the lotto or lottery page by clicking on the link or please refer to the "How to Play" section

Must I be a resident/citizen to play a specific country's lottery?

Anyone can play the lotto / lottery, but logistically you have to be in the country in which the draw takes place in order to buy a ticket. However, MagicLotto has ticket purchasing offices in Europe, the UK and the South Africa, in addition to satellite European purchasing offices that facilitate this purchase and the resultant claiming of prizes.

What is the latest time I can enter on the day of the draw via your websites.

Each lottery has a specific cut-off time in order to allow us to complete purchases in due time. Naturally, however, it is always best to purchase as early as possible as the sites can become rather slow when many customers leave their ticket purchasing to the last minute. Each site displays a countdown to the cut-off time on its home page. It is the subscribers' responsibility to achieve the entry deadline. Please note that daylight savings time may well affect the time differences between certain countries.

How many rollovers can take place?

This varies from one lottery to another. In the case of the UK Lottery, there is a maximum of three rollovers. After a triple rollover, the unwon jackpot is distributed amongst the next tier winners.

The EuroMillions lottery can roll over many more times. However, if the jackpot is not won on the twelfth successive week (i.e., eleven rollovers), then the jackpot prize is "rolled down" by distributing it between winners of the next level instead of rolling it forward again.

The PowerBall and South African Lottery lotteries have no cap to the amount of times a rollover can take place. These lotteries will roll over until won.

When will the winners be paid?

Claiming small prizes on behalf of MagicLotto subscribers from UK retail outlets can be done as soon as the system opens again after the draw. Major prizes can be claimed on behalf of MagicLotto subscribers the following business day. Physical settlement to our subscribers is made within 10 days receipt of instructions to pay out. When winning smaller amounts, most customers prefer either to replay their winnings at discounted rates, or retain their winnings in their account balance until substantial enough to send a withdrawal request.

How will I be paid out if I win the lotto / lottery?

You will initially be notified of your winnings in your results mail. At this point, all winnings are held in check awaiting your instruction. You can either update your account balance with your winnings or withdraw the funds as winnings. In the case of withdrawals, relevant account information will be required for deposits. We make use of accredited international money moving facilitators for bank transfers and direct deposits. For smaller winnings, customers often prefer to replay their or retain them in their Account Balance until the amount is substantial enough for a sizeable withdrawal.

Have I received a fraudulent SMS, mailing or email?

Signs of a fraudulent SMS, mailing or email claiming you have won a lottery prize: There maybe a sense of urgency, e.g. respond within so many days or your account will be closed. There maybe embedded links (links within the body of the email) that look legitimate because they contain all or part of a real company name. These links may take you to spoof sites which ask you to update personal information, or may download key logging software onto your PC. Spoof websites can be difficult to spot.

To make sure you are on our site, type into your browser and see if you arrive at the same place. If you are in any doubt please contact our customer services team for further advice but remember if you haven't paid for a ticket or know nothing about the prize you have been offered then you likely to be in receipt of a fraudulent mailing. If you don't have a ticket, you can't win it. Entering is easy, so get your ticket today.