Terms of Use

Use of the site and services offered by are subject to the following terms and conditions. This agreement is legally binding, and is effected on the first purchase made by the Player, where the Player indicates acceptance of the agreement.
Under the terms of this agreement, is appointed by the Player to act as the agent and to instruct a syndicate manager who will on behalf of the Player effect all transactions relating to payments for the tickets purchased as well as well as the agreed payments of any winnings to the Player as set out in this agreement. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.


Only persons over the age of 18 are eligible to play any of the games, or claim any prizes at

Fraudulent information

We have very strict anti-fraud policies, and are protected by various anti-fraud systems. Any players supplying false or misleading information will forfeit any prizes won through this service, without notification. This includes information including but not limited to: phone numbers, fax, email address, postal or street address, names and credit card information.
The Player's account will also be suspended and if necessary, will be forced to report this to the relevant authorities.

Division of winnings

When you win, will immediately cash in your ticket and inform you of your win. A winning ticket will be divided as follows (NO SERVICE CHARGE or SYNDICATE MANAGER FEE IS CHARGED FOR SOUTH AFRICAN LOTTERY): 95% is paid out to the Player; 4% is retained by as a service charge; and 1% is paid to the syndicate manager (who is responsible for purchasing, safeguarding and claiming the prizes). will be responsible to ensure that the syndicate manager claims the prize for any winning ticket, and once the claim is approved by the lottery board concerned, MagicLotto will pay out the prize to the parties in accordance with the percentages outlined above.

Ticket cost

The cost of the ticket depends on which lottery you are buying an entry for. Prices range between £2.50 and £4.00 for UK and Euro Lottery and R3.50 and R5 for South African Lottery. However, current prices are always published on the website before and during the ticket purchasing process. The total price advertised on includes the price of the ticket and our service fee.

Erroneous Information

A permanent record is made of lottery numbers to be played for each Player, on submission of the lottery ticket purchasing form. A confirmation of the purchase is sent to each Player directly after submission. In the event that the information received by the Player is incorrect, the Player shall not be entitled to any claim or prize. The actual ticket purchased will dictate the claim. The Player must immediately notify MagicLotto of this erroneous information.
The Player waives any claim against MagicLotto for failure to obtain the proper ticket.

Cut-off times

We will accept ticket purchases no less than 4 hours before any given draw. Please ensure that tickets are purchased within this time frame. A late entry will result in the ticket submission automatically being entered into the following draw.


Since we're working with your money, and ours, security is a big deal for us. Communication between your internet browser and is protected using 128-bit SSL encryption and we have a number of added security features in place.

  • All transactions take place over secure servers, using full 128-bit encryption.
  • Our servers are monitored and tested 24 hours a day to ensure that they're 100% Hacker Safe compliant.
  • Fraudulent activity is detected and prevented. And actively prosecuted by our legal team.
  • IP addresses are logged with every purchase, for your security and ours.

Ticket Purchase

All tickets are purchased subject to the rules and procedures of the relevant lotteries entered. Please note that cannot be held liable by a Player who does not comply with these rules and regulations when instructing a purchase. cannot be held liable where a syndicate manager does not comply with the rules and regulations when purchasing a ticket.
Once the purchase process is completed, your ticket details are sent via secure servers to our syndicate manager who purchases the tickets and safeguards them until after the draw. A confirmation of your purchase will be emailed to you within 2 days of the purchase. In the event that you do not receive a confirmation of purchase, MagicLotto needs to be contacted immediately via email: .
MagicLotto cannot accept any responsibility for errors made by the customer when instructing a ticket purchase. The onus is on the Player to ensure that numbers, and details provided are correct. Please ensure that you check that you have filled the tickets in correctly before submitting your purchase request.

Refunds and cancellations

Once you have instructed a ticket purchase our services begin immediately and so, unfortunately, we're not able to offer any refunds. Tickets cannot be amended or cancelled as an instruction to purchase is automatically carried out after confirmation from you. Please double check your numbers before completing your purchase to avoid any mishaps.

Credit Card Payments

All payments via credit card are automatically and immediately debited with the transaction, and will appear on your billing statement as Reboot Internet Technology

Charge backs

Players will automatically forfeit any and all prizes won if a payment is charged back for any reason for any transaction. If a charge back is received on a Players account shall have the right to credit back any transactions from that Player, who in turn may forfeit any prizes won through this service.

Winnings Published

The winning amounts of the lottery games are as published by the organising company for the relevant lottery at that time.

International Payments

All international payments issued by shall be calculated in accordance with the exchange rate for Great British Pounds as determined by HSBC on the day on which the payment is made in favour of the payee.


The customer will be responsible for the cost of the transfer for amounts of £200 or less. Transfer costs are as follows:

  • For priority wire transfers: Up to £15
  • For payments over two weeks: Up to £9

We recommend that Players print out all transaction data as well as game rules and payment methods, and keep these in an easily accessible place.
Please note that these are the direct HSBC bank rates, and are subject to change as and when HSBC sees fit.


Players specifically agree and acknowledge that they are responsible for the payment of taxes on income received from the lottery tickets as well as filing any required forms with the Internal Revenue Service or the appropriate local authorities in their country of residence. Lottery income from the UK National Lottery, the Thunderball lottery, the Hotpicks lottery and the EuroMillions lottery is tax free within the United Kingdom . Lottery income from the South African Lottery, the PowerBall lottery is tax free within the South Africa .

Termination of Agreement

Termination of Agreement: In the case of the death of a Player, any and all prize money due to the deceased Player shall be paid to his or her estate. On the event of dissolution of, any and all monies due to shall be paid to its successor in title. is not associated with EuroMillions, The National Lottery nor endorsed by Camelot Plc, Gidani or the National Lottery Commission.

Fraudulent Behaviour

In the interests of Player protection records IP addresses as well as information about the computers used and locations of all transactions via this service. MagicLotto reserves the right to cancel any transaction that appears to be of a fraudulent nature without notice, and to report all gathered information to the relevant authorities. In addition, the accounts of the Player in question will be suspended.

Copyright & Trademarks

Please note that all information, content and services displayed on, transmitted through, or used in connection with this site are the property of You may not modify, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, sell, publish, or circulate any such content without the written permission of


MagicLotto and the syndicated agents have no duty to purchase tickets where they are prevented from doing so by acts of God, actions of the relevant lottery commission or government authority, or any reason beyond the control of MagicLotto and its agents or employees.

Legal Restrictions

MagicLotto activities are only open to residents of jurisdictions where participation is legal and not prohibited. It is the Player's responsibility to observe the national laws of the Player's country of residence pertaining to lotteries and gambling.